A little about me

About Me

"There is a universal truth; people just want to be happy.
Believing you deserve it is where I come in."

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My journey began nearly 10 years ago. At age 15, my son was sitting in a jail cell; my family and life, as I knew it, was falling apart. I barely recognized the person my son had become. The eyes that used to light up when they saw me, now looked through me.  Every word out of his mouth was a lie. He was angry, destructive and out of control. I remember the shear panic I felt when the phone rang.  Was it the school? Was it the authorities?  Was my child dead? I was shrouded in shame and defeat; how did I fail...where had I gone wrong?

At that time, little did I know that what felt like the end of my world, would actually save my life....and my family. Through the Life Coaching I received, I was able to recognize the life I was living was not the life I deserved. For the first time, I learned to forgive and to love myself again. I began to see I was not powerless and I was not alone. The skills I learned were a catalyst to living the life I celebrate and love today.

It was then that I made a promise to one day become a Life Coach focused on helping other people find their happiness - just like me.


Let me listen to your story; I can share mine. You have a safe place to heal, and to find your voice. I am humble, grateful, and ready to serve. My only desire is to share with you and others the tools and the knowledge that have been graciously shared with me.  

Certified Life Coach Professional

One of the largest ICF (International Coach Federation) accredited coach training schools in the world

Coach & Group Facilitator

World Happiness Summit - A multi-sensory and inclusive event gathering leading experts that takes us on a journey to learn, experience and practice tools that assist people on a path to sustainable happiness and well-being. Served as Coach & Group Facilitator for 2018 event. 


A founding member of DreamGetters - an empowerment and networking organization who's goal is to inspire individuals to get out of their comfort zone and dream big. 


DreamGetters provide empowering workshops geared toward self reflection and improvement in a supportive community that enable participants to forge new paths toward personal freedom. 

Fit Chicks Don't Quit

Founder of Fit Chicks - a fitness and motivational support group for women and girls of all ages and physical capacities. 

Healthy Body Fuels the Soul

A passionate and competitive runner, Boston Marathoner, and IRONMAN triathlete

Giving Back & Paying It Forward

Founder of John A Ulis Run 2 End T1D Memorial Scholarship Fund. Each year I take on  extreme physical challenges to raise money and awareness to aide in the fight against Type 1 Diabetes.  


 Please visit my GoFundMe site to learn more.