Where did my happiness go?

July 1, 2020


"Where did my happiness go?"

This was the EXACT question I found myself asking not so long ago.  I mean, I had a lot of great STUFF. And I was busy as hell...dropping the kids off at a million activities, volunteering, working a full-time job, going to school, hosting endless parties and attending family events.


Why did I feel STUCK instead of happy?


Life felt more like shades of gray, then the end of a rainbow.   I felt like I was stuck on “Loop”.  With the same boring ass song playing as the soundtrack of my life.


Here comes the GUILT.  

I thought, “How could I not feel happy”.  “What kind of A-hole complains when they have everything?”  “I can’t tell anyone, they will think I am crazy!”  “Geez, my husband will think it’s HIM.” “Hey, I know...I will just do MORE.  Volunteer more, go to school more, do more with the kids, clean more, throw more parties,  More..More...MORE!!”


I hit rock bottom

My “More” brought me MORE unhappiness. It also brought me more resentment, more conflict, more isolation and more unhealthy behaviors.


I realized, my happiness did not leave me, I left it

With every decision that took me away from my values, with every need I created for external validation, each and every time I chose not to make myself and my well being a priority.


If my story is your story, I have just one question, “What is it costing you?” 


Your happiness does not have to feel like a distant memory.

I can show you how.  With just one conversation you can begin to see what is possible. 


There is just one thing that I want you to know for sure,  YOU are worth the effort.


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