"We all need people who will give us feedback. That's how we improve." 


- Bill Gates

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Happiness Workshop

"Coming to the Lisa Lopez Arrive@Happiness Workshop was the best thing I've could have ever done."

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Happiness Workshop

"I'm very excited about the tools & strategies I learned to sustain happiness."

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Life can get crazy at times. The older we get, the more responsibilities fall upon us and at times they feel so heavy upon your shoulders. At times, we lose a sense of who we were or who we want to become. Things hold you back. I love my life and wouldn't change being a mom for anything in the world but I needed a light. Something to relight the fire within me.


Lisa didn't relight the fire. She found the candle that needed to be lit and let me light it. Her guidance, love for people helped me light the candle. She helps organize my thoughts and set goals.


If you are feeling like I was, open your mind to the idea of a life coach. Give Lisa a call. 

- Noel

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Friends, family, and other acquaintances have always considered me to have it “all together.” I have a thriving career, super independent, and a zest for adventure. However, little did they know I suffer from self-doubt with shy tendencies when it comes to my personal “love life.” I have gone through counseling with successful results. Yet there was something missing to break out of my shell. I have known Lisa on a professional and personal level for some time. So it was only fitting to accept her offer to coach me. She tailored our appointments to be playful and insightful.


Lisa was creative, patient, and so positive. Lisa and I identified triggers and how to combat them. She renewed my motivation to take action of my personal goals and dreams. To this day I hum the mantras we came up with.


Thank you Lisa for being such an inspiration! 


- Lucy 

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